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We agree, a vacation is a very important time in everyone’s life.
So, rather than spending the next 3 hours trying to find the best
price (that’s OUR job), we humbly suggest you take 3 minutes to
keep on reading … Thank you!


WE (the experts) will do all the WORK FOR YOU

(we get paid a commission by our travel partners)!
(even compared to the online travel sites, when YOU do all the work)!

Because we are all about HONESTY

*We have NO ADS on our website – by design!
Expedia makes more money from companies advertising on their website than from booking vacations. So, you have to ask yourself, who are they truly catering to?
At Excel Travel, WE HAVE TO ANSWER TO NO ONE, but YOU, our clients. We demonstrate that commitment by refusing to accept advertising or promotional support for this site!

* We list NO PRICES on our website
Too often, prices turn out to be “from” a certain amount and unobtainable anyway!
In our current environment the travel consumer is bombarded by misinformation and outright lies on a daily basis. Bait-and-switch “from $499” ads are the rule – not the exception!
A half-inch is defined as “extra legroom”, “non-smoking” could mean that the ash tray was removed, and a room is “air-conditioned”, because the window opens up!
Google virtually any travel related topic, and you are smothered in a sea of tens of thousands, maybe millions, of ads disguised as information.
*At Excel Travel, we don’t want you to go somewhere just because it is CHEAP (which many times turns out NOT to be the BEST VALUE), and not necessarily the best resort or best cruise line FOR YOU!
*Let us shop around on your behalf (at NO COST – NO OBLIGATION – to you!).
Not only for the best price – but just as important – the BEST MATCH for your travel needs!
We have been doing it for over 15 years and we are very good at it.
… and we will gladly tell you where to go!

*The question is not always “HOW MUCH?” but many times and more importantly “WHY?”.
IF 9 out of 10 resorts are sold out and the one left, offers a discount, most consumers would jump on it.
WE would ask “WHY?” do they need to offer a discount?
WE would ask “WHY?” does nobody else want to stay there?
And answer those questions for you, so that you are able to make an educated and unbiased decision!

*ONLINE TRAVEL SITES ARE NOT LESS EXPENSIVE (nor is dealing directly with the suppliers)!
Have you ever seen any proof that going online to book your vacation makes sense and you can indeed get lower prices? We know you haven’t, because there isn’t any. The opposite is true. Five years ago, we started to offer $100 cash to anybody who can find a survey that confirms that prices offered by online websites are better than what a traditional, old-fashioned, brick-and-mortar travel agency (like Excel Travel) can find for you. We still have the original $100 bill!
We don’t necessarily expect you to just take our word for it, but don’t (in your own best interest!) believe Expedia/Travelocity/etc either when they offer a discount of “up to” 50%!

It’s not the % discount, it’s the bottomline that counts!  (including all the hidden fees!)

Click here for Internet Travel Pricing Tips

*We are always up to the challenge and will gladly offer you a second opinion!
You have nothing to loose – and the world to gain!

*We have NO HIDDEN FEES – no matter how hard you look!
We will gladly issue an airline ticket for you, but refuse to take you for a ride.

The ONE and ONLY fee you will ever pay at Excel Travel, is a $25 ticketing fee for airline reservations that are not part of any package or cruise. Unlike our competitors, we don’t charge for changes or refunds!

Click here for Internet vs. Travel Agency Airline Ticket Prices (Average savings in 2008: $65 per ticket!)

*We have NO MIDDLE MANAGEMENT – your time is valuable, and so is ours!
Every agent is empowered to make decisions on the spot.

*We have NO VOICEMAILyou will always be able to reach a human being.

*But, we do have a PHONE NUMBER! – and you are welcome to use it!
Have you ever had a problem finding a phone number on somebody’s website?
What are they trying to hide?
Why don’t they want to be contacted?
WE don’t bury our phone number, because we love our customers, and don’t mind you calling us. Some agencies regard it as a waste of time, to us it’s an opportunity to deepen our relationship with you.
Our phone number and email address are prominently listed on every page, so that you won’t have to hunt for it all over our website.

And in case of an emergency, every client has easy access to a 24 hour emergency cell phone number!

And we want you to know who you are dealing with –
All of our names and contacts are listed on our website.
We are not trying to hide behind some corporate shield!

We build relationships with our valued customers, not by selling cheap packages that lead to disappointment, but by offering you the absolute best value for the money – guaranteed.

We will supply you with hard-hitting, unbiased travel information and ratings.

For example, did you know that in many countries …
The number of stars is awarded to a hotel by the individual municipal government that has jurisdiction over the hotel’s location. The number of stars is based ONLY  on the rates the hotels charges, rather than on any quality or service criteria!!!
So, as long as they charge five star prices, THEY will get a five star rating, but YOU will not necessarily get a five star experience!

What about the fact that “direct” doesn’t mean “nonstop”, or that “adjacent rooms” doesn’t give you a door connecting the rooms, or “oceanview” doesn’t guarantee that you are near the Ocean?
We are about the TRUTH, not about making a sale – no matter what it takes.

Our goal is to build a relationship with you to the point where you not only can’t wait to book with us again, but where you will also send us your kids, your parents, your friends, your co-workers, … you get the idea.

That attitude and commitment has allowed us to grow very steadily over the last 15 years, despite the many challenges the travel industry has faced!

The problem with the Internet is that it is going to give you what you ask for – nothing more and nothing less. IF travel were simply a commodity, this might make a good model. But travel is NOT a commodity. It is an experience – a business experience, a vacation experience, and family experience. And when you are traveling, a great experience is what it is all about!


You don’t have anything to lose, so give us a try and

  • Let US do all the work for you and shop around on your behalf.
    At no cost to you!


  • We are able to meet or beat any online travel site every single time!


  • OUR EXPERIENCE: The average experience of an Excel Travel Consultant is 23 years!
  • NO VOICEMAIL: You will ALWAYS be able to reach a human being!
  • NO MIDDLE MANAGEMENT: In case of any travel emergencies, assistance is always very quickly available.
  • NO ADS ON OUR WEBSITE: Our advice is completely unbiased.
  • CREATIVE TICKETING: To ensure the absolute best prices!
  • NO PRICES ON OUR WEBSITE: Cheap does not necessarily equal best value!


  • INDEPENDENTLY OWNED: We don’t need to abide by franchise guidelines or worry about shareholders.
  • EASY TO REACH: via email or 800 number
    AND emergency cell phone number (24/7) directly to the owner.
  • FULL-SERVICE: Able to assist with Visas, Limousines, Yacht and Plane Charters, Villa/Condo Rentals, Theatre/Sports Tickets, and much more!

We WELCOME you to Excel Travel and THANK YOU for giving us the opportunity to be of service:

You mean the World to Us!


Copyright © 2009 Excel Travel, Inc. All rights reserved. _________45 Atlantic Avenue, Long Branch, NJ 07740 __________ (800-EXCEL-88)

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