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Travel Agent Career Tips

Want to become a travel agent?

Here is a link to a funny look into a travel agent’s life.

And here is one for the Mom’s of the travel agents.

IF after reading these two articles, you are still interested in becoming a travel agent, we would suggest to take a travel agent out to lunch and pick his or her brain. That will teach you much more than any guide book every could!

Most importantly, don’t be mislead by the many Multi Level Marketing companies promising you a world of free travel and a fortune overnight. WorldVentures and YTB (currently being sued by the Office of the Attorney General in California) are two of the most popular.

Worldventures: Real Fortunes or Real Fraud?

YTB: Sued as “Gigantic Pyramid Scheme”

Their presentations/seminars are very enticing, but full of empty promises. It always amazes us how smart people fall victim to these MLM scams without doing the proper research.

Here are links to some articles written by UNBIASED and INDEPENDENT sources!

Better Business Bureau: Does an ID card make you a travel agent?

MSNBC: Want to be an instant travel agent? Beware!

Chicago Tribune: Card mills take “agents” for a ride!

Smarter Travel: Travel like a travel agent? Not so fast!

Frommers: Can you really be a travel agent from your home?

State of California sues Card Mill

Judge Dickerson: Instant travel agents?

Travel Weekly: Dear Cheryl: Don’t be sucker!

Also click here for Travel Scams and you will see that “Becoming an Instant Travel Agent” is one of the biggest scams!

And as always, OUR lines of communication are wide open. So please feel free to contact us if you have ANY questions, or would like further information… And we would love to hear from you.

IF you do indeed want to become a travel agent (for all the right reasons!),please click this ASTA link for more information.

Excel Travel: “Support your local travel agent: Leave Town!”

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