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Honeymoon Tips

pdf-logo1Start with your honeymoon planning at least a year before your wedding date. You will get better seats on airplanes and have a larger choice of cabins on cruise ships. Some people still think that you will get better rates if you wait until the last minute. Don’t jeopardize your honeymoon! By booking it in advance you can lock in a price with a small deposit. Should the price increase, your lower rate will be honored. Should the price go down, your booking will be adjusted accordingly (i.e. you are guaranteed the lowest rate).

Plan Your Honeymoon Together
Planning a honeymoon can be a lot of work and there are many tough decisions to make. A honeymoon is for two and to avoid disappointments later on, you should make those decisions together.

Steer Clear of Travel Scams
Honeymooners are an ideal target for many scam artists. Many honeymooners are young, are spending a lot of money on the wedding and are hoping to get a great deal for their honeymoon. Everybody in the travel industry operates on an extremely slim profit margin. Hence, there really is no room for any legitimate major price differences. If something looks too good to be true, it usually is. Be especially diligent when dealing with out-of-state agencies, agencies with a P.O. Box and advertised “bargains” on the Internet. Click here for Travel Scam Tips

Work Together with a Honeymoon Planner
You consult professionals for all other aspects of your wedding. The planning of your honeymoon should not be left to chance. We are glad to assist you with our expertise and experience. Our suppliers (cruiselines, airlines, etc) will not pass the commission (that they pay us) on to you, should you call them directly! Hence, doing it yourself will neither save you time nor money! Click here for Internet Travel Pricing Tips

Expect the Unexpected
At Excel Travel we joke that most people should take a trial honeymoon (and some people do!) before they get married. When you travel (just as in life) things can go wrong. Sometimes, it’s the weather, sometimes, it’s a group of people on strike, or other events you can’t control. However, with the assistance of one of our honeymoon specialists you can keep these surprises to a minimum. You should never have to say: “Oh, I thought the meals were included” or “nobody told me it was the hurricane season” or “what, there are no golf courses on this island?”.

Don’t Accept the Advice of Too Many People
You can ask 10 different people what they think would be the perfect honeymoon, and you will get 10 different answers. This is YOUR honeymoon. Talk to each other and determine what is most important TO YOU. Then, together, we will be able to make your dreams come true (over 300 – unsolicited – thank you letters in our office speak for themselves!).

Don’t be Mislead by Advertising and Brochures
A 7 day package is only 6 nights long, and not a full week. When advertised as 7 days however, most people think of it as a week! Always read the fine print. Charter flights might be less expensive, but if they list JFK Newark and LaGuardia as “co-terminals” in the fine print they reserve the right to change the departure from Newark to LaGuardia. They could do that the day before you leave! An inexpensive vacation can be an expensive mistake. Make sure you understand and read everything very carefully! We can help you sort through the brochures AND the various websites, which are just another form of advertising! Beware, an oceanview room is still considered oceanview, even if there is a highway between your hotel and the ocean, and there probably is no picture or no mention of the highway in that beautiful brochure!

Let the World Know You Are Newlyweds
Everybody loves newlyweds, and many cruise lines, hotels and restaurants will give you special attention.

Choose the Right Travel Agency
This can be quite difficult and takes a little time. Here is what you need to know. Travel agencies don’t price their products (cruises, packages, etc.) the suppliers (cruise lines, tour operators, etc.) do. All travel agencies have access to the same packages and brochures (and work with the same reservation systems.) Therefore, it is important to realize that all travel agencies have access to the same prices. Just because one travel agency recommends a more expensive cruise does not mean that this travel agency is more expensive. They might have had a bad experience with the cheaper cruise line, know it to be financially unstable, or don’t feel it is the right product for the two of you. Do shop around, but not for price (comparing apples with apples – it is all the same anyway). Shop around for an agency that offers you good service, it won’t cost you more. As a matter of fact, it might save you money to plan your honeymoon with the assistance of an experienced travel consultant who will take the time to learn your needs and expectations. Find out if the agency offers an emergency number, bridal registry, evening and weekend hours, and whatever else might be of importance to you. Ask lots of questions! And work with the travel agency that offers you the best service, expertise and experience. QUALITY SERVICE WON’T COST YOU MORE, but will save you time AND money!

There is not better way to begin your married life together than the perfect honeymoon. A time for just the two of you, filled with romance and NO stress with memories to last a lifetime.!

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